Youth Group Brochure

A youth group for secondary schools in BC reached out to me to design a brochure for them to hand out to school administration to communicate what the group can provide schools. With pre-made logos and other assets, I set out to create a palette and aesthetic that matches their young, vibrant, and energetic look. […]

Magazine Cover

A project wherein the goal was to produce a magazine mockup from scratch, from producing the images, to having it print ready. The first step was deciding that the overall theme of the mockup was minimalism, and so both photography and typography followed suite. In coordination and collaboration with a professional photography student, we produced […]

Taboo Greeting Card

The goal of this project was to use a quote or statement you wouldn’t normally see on a greeting card to create a taboo-themed greeting card. The second goal was to creatively apply typography and photo manipulation to create an interesting and aesthetic greeting card. The quote I used was from Haruki Murakami and the […]

Pacific Rim Magazine 2017 Print Ad

A project that was published in the 2017 edition of Pacific Rim Magazine. A full-page print ad that exhibits the Publishing Program and what its curriculum entails. Previous publishing program ads made use of the keywords: design, write, edit, code, publish, and so I wanted to take it a next step further. Using the keywords, […]

Canon 6D Illustration

A project that exhibits my proficiency with Adobe Illustrator and illustrating objects accurately.

Typography Poster

A project wherein the goal was to create a poster that conveyed historical information about typography.

Surfrider Rebrand

A school project aimed at reinventing an existing non-profit organization’s branding. In this case, the existing branding is heavy on imagery and so to rebrand the organization, I took a more typographical direction while still maintaining a lot of imagery. I also recreated their logo towards a more abstract look.